Cover Reveal — Flicker and Mist


I’m so excited to finally be able to reveal the cover of my very first TEEN fantasy novel, Flicker and Mist! Once again, the folks at Clarion Books did a wonderful job and created this beautiful, haunting cover. I love how it showcases the main character—a girl with the ability to become invisible.

AND here is the brand new, updated cover copy:

In Myra's world, some people can flicker—become invisible—at will. The ability to flicker is a burden, not a gift. Flickerkin are viewed with suspicion by the ruling Plats: An invisible person might be a spy, a traitor, an assassin. Flickerkin discovered in New Heart City, the Plat capital, can be put to death. Myra, who is part Flickerkin, has never dared to use her inherited power.

            But when mysterious happenings begin to occur around New Heart City—disturbances that appear to be caused by invisible people—the Plats’ fear and persecution of Flickerkin intensify. Myra sees her comfortable life eroding, her family split apart, and her budding romance on shaky ground. Violence between Plat and Flickerkin is inevitable, and Myra, with her dual identity and divided loyalties, is caught in the middle. 

            Tangled in intrigue, political manipulation, and betrayal, Myra feels mounting pressure to choose sides. And she knows that using her ability to flicker—the very ability she has desperately concealed—may be the only way to save herself. 

Look for Flicker and Mist January 3, 2017!

© Mary G. Thompson 2016