Flicker and Mist is Finally Here!!

Flicker and Mist cover image. Girl being enveloped in mist.

Today I'm so happy to let my very first teen fantasy, Flicker and Mist, fly free in the world! I've wanted to write about invisibility for many years, and I scratched out idea after idea until finally, Myra and her world leapt into my head as if they had always been there. Whenever anyone asks what superpower I would have, invisibility is always at the top of my list. What fun and dastardly things would you be able to do if no one could see you? As soon as I started thinking about that, I realized that if some people really could become invisible, others would fear them. And what if you didn’t want to do dastardly things with your ability, but you just wanted to be free to exist? What if there was more to being invisible than just the things you could do?

Myra’s story is about one girl learning to find her own way, forging her own path when others want to define her life for her. Myra is an athlete. She’s ambitious and strong and also a human who wants to love and be loved and live without fear. Myra’s world, like our own, isn’t easy or fair, but it’s magical and full of love and life. I hope you enjoy spending some time there.

Here is the book description from the cover flap:

In Myra’s world, some people can flicker—become invisible—at will. The ability to flicker is a burden, not a gift. Flickerkin are viewed with suspicion by the ruling Plats: an invisible person might be a spy, a traitor, an assassin. Flickerkin discovered in New Heart City, the Plat capital, can be put to death. Myra, who is part Flickerkin, has never dared to used her inherited power.

But when mysterious happenings begin to occur around New Heart City—disturbances that appear to be caused by invisible people—the Plats’ fear and persecution of Flickerkin intensify. Myra sees her comfortable life eroding, her family split apart, and her budding romance on shaky ground. Violence between Plat and Flickerkin is inevitable, and Myra, with her duel identity and divided loyalties, is caught in the middle.

Tangled in intrigue, political manipulation, and betrayal, Myra feels mounting pressure to choose sides. And she knows that making herself invisible—the very ability she has desperately concealed—may be the only way to save herself.

© Mary G. Thompson 2016